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I have been making music since 2000. Currently my focus has shifted to a sub-project called Hate All Listeners. There is at least an album's worth of music done for Symphony of Noise and more coming all the time as Hate All Listeners musical work veers off into Symphony of Noise territory. Instead of trashing the tracks, they get moved over to the Symphony of Noise bin. This is where a service such as this would fit in perfectly.

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    This will include everything from Hate All Listeners - a musical side project. It will also include immediate access to songs in various forms as they're being worked on - as well as discarded versions that will never see release.
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    This includes three free Symphony of Noise logo decals shipped immediately.
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Symphony of Noise
Phoenix, Arizona
Who is Symphony of Noise?

Erik Smith has created the vast majority of all Vents, safe for noted guitar or layer work here and there on select tracks. NIN 1 and 3 are essentially sound collages and vastly edited Nine Inch Nails layers. NIN 2 is merely a mixtape with some minor edits - as is the Tech N9ne mix. All Zero releases are essentially EPs, save for Vibrations, which was an experiment.

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